CP Journal :  September 2020

CP Journal : September 2020

We're six months into the covid-19 pandemic. There are three hundred thousand cases and 5,200 deaths this September 26,2020. Things have been troubling in the country -- mostly from bad to worst, I think. Deep sigh. So far, I've joined and sold artwork in an August online art sale. Im now preparing for another online market next month -- this time for the limited stuff that I make. I have  just one person  who helps me-- and that is Ate Tess, she is a 62-year old "mananahi" in Caloocan. She helps me produce in small batches the stuff I put up here.

Hey, I finally put up a website! There's an online shop too--not yet in its best form but I dont want to wait till its perfect. It will get better as I work on it on some days. I will learn as I go along. It's a Saturday, folks. Hope you have a good two days at home relaxing with whatever you do and whoever you hang out with. Mabuhay, Pilipinas! Love.